Daisy gets a second chance!



Mumbai, April 21 -- It's a rare occurrence when Salman Khan gives a second chance to someone who has turned him down. Dancer-turned actor Daisy Shah, who plays the female lead opposite Salman in Sohail Khan's Mental, was the lucky recipient of this favour even though she had turned down Salman's offer to play the second female lead in Bodyguard (2011).

Film writer Muazzam Beg, who is working on a docu-drama about Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt titled Munna Bhai, Sallu Bhai - Killer or Healer, reveals that Daisy's then boss, choreographer Ganesh Acharya, convinced her to turn down Salman's offer.

"Since I wrote Ganesh's film Swami (2007) Daisy, Ganesh and I had become close friends. Daisy met Salman on the sets of Dabangg (2010), and he offered her the role. But Ganesh discouraged her, saying it was a very small part. Instead he promised her the lead in my film which he would produce. But then he delayed my film Sadda Adda (2011) and ended up not even producing it," says Muazzam.

The writer is set to include this instance in his docudrama. "Salman fulfilled Daisy's dream though she refused him in the past. The idea of making this documentary is that over the years I have seen these two men (Salman and Sanjay) stand by their word and never break promises," he says.