Daddy, quit smoking, says Ajay Devgn's daughter


By Hindustan Times

Actor Ajay Devgn says he’s under a lot of pressure from his nine-year-old daughter Nysa to kick the butt, and adds that he has been thinking to do so. The 43-year-old actor smoked much less while shooting for the film Son of Sardar (SOS), where he plays the role of a Sikh character, and did not
touch a cigarette while wearing the turban.

Tiff with Kangna Ranaut All’s well between us. Speak with Kangna and she would agree with me.I have been completely out of touch as I am in Patiala shooting for Son of Sardar for the past 50 days Masala in movies Films in Indian only work only when there is an emotional connection with the audience.

So, it doesn’t matter if it’s action, drama or comedy; emotions are a must SOS’ Diwali release Diwali is a period where two films can fit in so lets see which other film shares the box office. I always wanted Son Of Sardar to be a Diwali release as it’s a clean, entertaining film' Donning a Sikh look I did not want to research or experiment much… did want to shape or trim the beard.

While shooting it was very difficult to smoke as I did not smoke while my pagri was on. Sonakshi as co-star Sonakshi (Sinha) is a very hardworking girl. After a long time I have worked with a girl who is very natural and that shows on the screen.