Cruise's MI4 overshadows Bollywood films


By Hindustan Times

India has fallen in love with the action-packed sequences of Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol starring Tom Cruise. The film has beaten last Friday's Bollywood releases - Pappu Can't Dance Saala and Jo Hum Chahein. It has garnered Rs 11 crore so far from India box office in the first three days, reports Mid Day.

While Mission Impossible had brand advantage, the Bollywood films that released with it were small in scale and budget. "Mission Impossible is a big brand. And it has taken full advantage of no other major release along with it," trade analyst Amod Mehra told the daily.

What worked for MI4 in India

"People are enjoying the action and the Burj Khalifa sequence had them at the end of their seats. The film has done over Rs 35 lakh in Central India and that's a handsome amount of business for an English film," Mehra was quoted by the daily.

Coming up next is SRK's Don 2, which hit the theatres on December 23. Mehra feels MI4 will not eat into the SRK starrer's business. "Don 2 will do its own business," he told the daily.

Though it would be interesting to see SRK and Tom Cruise competing at the BO.