Critics say 'No Thank You' to Anees Bazmee!


By Hindustan Times

Anees Bazmee's comic caper Thank You failed to impress critics who found the flick "agonizing and intolerable". The jokes hardly elicit any laughs, and the flick just a time pass, opine reviewers. But there are few performances to watch out for.

The insconsistency of the film seems to be the biggest problem. Says Taran Adarsh (Bollywood Hungama), "Thank You is as inconsistent as the roads of Mumbai. Sometimes, the ride is as smooth as silk. But there are times when one encounters potholes aplenty during the course of this journey. In fact, like Game last Friday, the two halves of Thank You are as diverse as chalk and cheese. While the first hour of Thank You is thoroughly enjoyable and you genuinely feel that Bazmee is in his element, the second hour - which should've been superior - is agonizing and intolerable. The writing goes topsy-turvy in this hour, so much so that when you exit the auditorium, it's not with a smile, but a smirk.


On performance front, some manage to impress while others just could not make the impact. Says Nikhat Kazmi (Times of India), "Akshay Kumar's elaborate plans to set the three marriages straight provides scope for actors like Irrfan Khan and Suneil Shetty to kick up a bit of fun, although Bobby Deol has hardly any humour tailored into his role. By and large, he remains dour and angry as he begins to suspect his sweet wife Sonam of adultery. The girls, on their part, mostly remain cosmetic with Sonam looking terribly out of sync, Rimmi not being allowed to play her feisty self and Celina being forced to do the disappearing act for a large part of the film."

Shetty Magic

Suniel Shetty, the Golmaal guy, is able to weave the magic again. Says Raja Sen (Rediff), "Shetty, who hasn't been watchable in over a decade, actually cuts loose with slapstick flair in this one. He owns the only actual jokes in the film (two, I counted) and genuinely seems to be having a good time. Too bad he's the only one. Call me ungrateful but, in a nutshell, no thank you".

Lackluster climax

A tribute to housewives, the film has a boring climax. Says Anupama Chopra (NDTV), "Thank You is an equal opportunity offender. So the men are boorish, infantile and perpetually in heat while the women are simpering dodos who continue to do Karva Chauth for their offensive husbands. But Bazmee, and the four writers who have co-written this drivel with him, want to have their cake and eat it too. So, the film ends with a speech on the importance of wives and why husbands should be better behaved. Which is perhaps what prompted Irrfan to say in an interview that Thank You is a tribute to housewives and will boost the female ego."