Critics' review: Gippi is a winner


Film: Gippi
Cast: Riya Vij, Divya Dutta, Taaha Shah, Doorva Tripathi, Jayati Modi
Director: Sonam Nair

Karan Johar's magic seems to be working of late. Last week his part in Bombay Talkies earned tremendous praise from critics and now his latest production Gippi too garners thumbs up.

Gippi, a story of an over-weight teenager, is a feel good film which would leave a smile in the end, feel critics.

Mayank Shekhar praises the film no end paying a compliment to producer Karan Johar. He says, "Gippy is fairly bright, emotionally intelligent, effervescent, charming even - much like the film named after her".

"Rarely do you come across an audience applauding at the end of a film at a press show. I did here. This is because this film nails it in the end. Very few do. I'm just glad the best anti-dote to a ‘Karan Johar’ film