"Critics may have their own views" - Ritesh Deshmukh


By Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Hungama News Network

De Taali may not have set the box office on fire but amongst the three movies which came last Friday, it is still being the best of the lot. Also, as have been the feelers for this romantic comedy, the film is giving itself a fighting chance at the theaters.

"I am surprised to hear conflicting reports about the film. A few trade sources haven't been too kind in stating the box office prospects of the film but there are other industry sources who are maintaining that De Taali should do well to come out unscathed", says Ritiesh Deshmukh who, once again has managed to steal the show from right under everyone's nose.

How about the below the par reviews that film has got?

"I don't agree that everyone has gone ahead and ripped apart the film", rightly defends Riteish, "Yes, some critics have been unhappy about the film's execution. They are asking questions as to why the trio of friends (Aftab, Ayesha and myself) have been acting like 12 year olds. But hey, that's exactly the point, you know! We play a bunch of youngsters who meet each other as 12 year olds and ever since then have been happy to stay on in the same time warp. That's the entire idea of friendship in De Taali.

"Still, I am not judging the critics here", continues Riteish, "They may have their own views. See, there are so many others who have indeed liked the film as well. To each his own. And at the end of the day, it all boils down to whether the film is working with audience or not. As per the information which I have gathered from impartial and neutral sources, it is doing well with the youth with every passing day. The film may not have done great business on the first day but it is the kind that would sustain well as days pass by."

Tell him that this time around, even Rimmi Sen has gathered quite a few accolades for her performance in the film along with him and he says in a delighted tone, "See, I had said even earlier that it is Rimmi's character who brings the twist in the plot. In the absence of her character, there wouldn't have been De Taali. I am glad she got a well written part to enact where she has been appreciated for her performance. She deserves it!"