Creative De-Stress - the latest Bollywood mantra


By Bhavna Chopra, IndiaFM

Headlines such as famous Bollywood DJ Aqueel arrested in Dubai for carrying drugs', Saif Ali Khan being hospitalized for excessive smoking, makes one wonder what really is the reason that our celebs resort to such unhealthy means? Is it stress? Or is it their rollercoaster lifestyle?

We all are aware of the hi-end lifestyle that our Bollywood celebrities lead but what we aren't aware of is the kind of pressure that these celebs go through to maintain the starry image. Let it be physical attributes to aggressive competition, stars have always been under scrutiny for their slightest of follies. Having Media like hounding dogs to pounce on you for every wrong statement you make is not easy. Unethical grapevine shamelessly poking fun at your personal life, breaking or patching your relationship with your partner at their whims and fancies is not funny. Critics are ready to strip you for every performance you give and producers reject you for every new role you experiment with. And you thought the stars had it easy. And if this weren't enough our poor bolly fellows have millions of expectations to meet up to. Well being in the spotlight condition that they find themselves in, one can't help but take up to habits that give temporary relief.

But trust our Bollywood stars to be the real heroes and emerge winners in the toughest of testing times. With recent news of our celebs in the likes of Salman Khan, Dia Mirza, Katrina Kaif, et all turning artists and growing a sudden affiliation towards paintbrush, makes us wear the thinking hat and look into the real reason behind this sudden boom of hidden talent ? Can this art be a healer in disguise? Can this chosen hobby which is being made into a passion prove to be the pacifier that also helps in bringing peace of mind?

Lets take a closer look…

Salman Khan and Painting -

We all knew Salman Khan once as the recluse, rash and frivolous person that he was famous for. But off late people have started taking of Salman Khan as a person who has tamed down and become more calm and patient. Is this Salman the actor we talking of or Salman Khan the artist?

Scientific studies tell us that art heals by changing a person's physiology and attitude. The body's physiology changes from one of stress to one of deep relaxation, from one of fear to one of creativity and inspiration. Well with so much going in Sallu's life after Aishwarya Rai, a career lull, the hit and run accident and depression, maybe Salman did best what he could do and resorted to art in form of painting. And painting has done a world of good to Salman Khan as the art is finally responsible in changing the person's attitude and emotional state.

And now we hear Saif Ali Khan too is taking to the art. Well is it because Saif is in need of a healing phase after the rough patch of divorce, and break up with his girlfriend Rosa?

Whatever may be the reason behind, we surely wouldn't mind buying a collector's item or two!

Akshay Kumar and Tai chi

Those who know of Akshay Kumar as a fitness freak know of his extreme care towards his health and diet. He is one dedicated actor when it comes to fitness regimes, flexibility and training. Known to carry out his own stunts, Akshay has also been labeled as Bollywood's Khiladi No 1. But recently Akshay Kumar was heard to have taken to Tai chi in a big way. Tai Chi known as the healing Martial Art promotes the circulation of chi ie life energy within the body, encouraging wellness and vitality of the person on a whole. And Akshay is not only seen mastering the art but also promoting it to his friends and loved ones. With such healthy means of de-stressing and keeping fit, it is no surprise that even today he can give any newcomer a run for his money

Bipasha Basu and boyfriend John Abraham are also known to de-stress by hitting the gym and running on the beach. Isha Koppikar another fitness freak loves to work out whenever she has the time and swears by kick boxing.

Hema Malini and dancing

Industry's one and only dream girl, Hema Malini is quiet well known as the trained classical danseuse in the Indian art from of Bharatnatyam. And till date the veteran performs on stage with as much aplomb and grace like never before. She not only believes in religiously practicing the art but has also inculcated the art form in her daughters Esha and Ahana Deol. According to Hema Malini, dancing is not just a form of expression but also a great healer for mind, body and soul. Dancing not only acts as a stress buster but also keeps you healthy and glowing. From the beginnings of recorded history we find original purpose and evidence of dance as that of worship and healing.

And looking at Hema Malini's stunning beauty in BR Chopra's Baghban and Baabul, one would vouch to practice Bhartnatyam for her best kept beauty secret if not for healing purpose. So what say shall we dance?

Juhi Chawla and singing

When it comes to acting or adapting new methods to de-stress, trust veteran and chirpy of an actress Juhi Chawla to do things differently. Not many are aware but Juhi has been training in classical music for over five years now. She riyaazes for 3-4 hours every morning and says that this practice keeps her going all day long. She must have started the art as a hobby but research shows that singing is a great stress buster that helps to elevate your mood and put you in great spirits.

Anurag Basu, Shilpa Shetty, Dino Morea all swear by the stove, i.e. cooking.

Well we bet our celebrities, directors, actors are so tired of cooking same old boring stories and acting in one that they feel the need to try something new so why not the experiments be in the good old kitchen. Anurag Basu confidently says that he can cook up anything in a vessel where as Asha Bhosle is more proud of her cooking talents than singing. Shilpa Shetty's chicken curry brought her world fame where as Dino Morea already has mushroomed restaurants in name of first love. Anyways jokes apart but cooking can prove to be a great stress buster if one wants to beat the pressure. It not only helps to divert mind creatively but also is therapeutic.

So you see our celebrities surely know how to stay in news and take stress in their stride at the same time. Whether it is painting, dancing, singing cooking they beat it the starry way. And do we mind, we bet not as long as we are being entertained.