Cops helped in research: RGV


By Hindustan Times

Actor Nana Patekar and filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma are kicked up about their upcoming film — The Attacks Of 26/11.

Talking about the movie, which is based on the tragic terrorist attacks that rocked the city of Mumbai on November 26, 2008 and the events that followed afterwards, Varma says, “The fact is that everyone knows a lot about what happened that night through TV or papers, but only few are aware about how it all happened. My film primarily concentrates on the events on the night of 26/11. It is about what Mumbai and its people went through.”

When asked about the research that went behind it, RGV says, “Cops like Rakesh Maria, Jitender Joshi Nalawade and others from the police department helped us a lot. Then, we also used the information from the charge sheets, judgment copy and eye witnesses accounts. Not many know that Farzad Jehani, the owner of Leopold Café, which was also targeted during the attacks, plays himself in the film.”

Nana plays the role of the Joint Commissioner of Mumbai Police based on the character of Mumbai super cop Rakesh Maria. “Rakesh is a good friend. I tried to adapt his attitude. I felt a big responsibility playing this character of a man who had defended Mumbai,” he says.