Cook Na Kaho!


Something's cooking with Rozza, and she's too busy to care about who Saif is seeing nowadays

That Saif Ali Khan's ex-girlfriend Rozza has set her eyes on films and television offers is a known, but the lissome lady now wants to do a Padma Lakshmi with her own cookery show. "I come from a family of chefs —five of my uncles are qualified chefs in five star restaurants. So cooking isn't exactly something new for me — I first cooked a meal when I was just 12 and since then it's been my favourite hobby," she says.
It's not just Italian food she's an expert at — she can cook up a decent Indian meal as well. "I can make aloo paratha, dosa and kali dal. I'm a good cook," she says, adding that 'masala dosa' is her favourite Indian dish.
While she's open to modelling offers, her focus remains Bollywood. "Acting is my priority and that explains why I'm taking Hindi classes; I can now understand Hindi though I'm yet to master the speech," she admits. But won't her accent be a deterrent? "I don't think so; if anything, it will be a part of the charm," she smiles.
Quiz her about rumours linking Saif with Bipasha and she curtly replies, "Saif's my past. It's a closed chapter.

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