CONFIRMED: Gulabi gang leader to participate in Bigg Boss 6


By Hindustan Times

She is likely to share the house of controversy with the likes of Urvashi Dholakia of popular TV show Kausauti Zindagi ki, Asha Goradia of TV show Lagi Tujshe Lagan, former cricketer and BJP MP Navjot Singh Sidhu, Faisla Khan- brother of Aamir Khan and model Sayali Bhagat.

Sampat landed in Mumbai on Thursday and talking to HT on telephone said, “even as the Bollywood superstar Salman Khan will entertain the gossip lovers in the show, I would like to raise the issues related with women”.

“I have been fighting for the rights of the women in Bundelkhand region and my message was limited to Uttar Pradesh Sampat said and added “I was looking for bigger platform where the women across the country know about the movement launched by the Gulabi Sena, hope that the house of Big Boss would give me that opportunity”.

“Though I will stay with the strangers in the house still I will deal with them coolly. It’s an opening to make the people feel my strength and share the experience”, she said.

The Big Boss crew visited Badausha- the native village of Sampat and remained there for 10 days to shoot the activities of Gulabi Gang and her daily chores.

In 2008 Sampat went to France and in 2009 she visited Italy to precipitate in the programme organized by the feminine organizations. Around half a dozen books and documentary have been published and prepared on her life and struggle. No doubt today the number of members of gulabi gang is 1.90 lakh and still swelling.

Sampat contested the 2012 assembly election on Congress ticket from Manikpur assembly seat. Though she lost the election yet she won the accolade of the Congress general secretary, Rahul Gandhi for mobilizing the poor masses to support Congress in the Bundelkhand region.

This Bundela lady has been raising voice against the atrocities on women since 1980. Sampat was married with Munni Lal Pal when she was 12 years old. “At the early age I decided that I would become self-reliant and started stitching garments for the village women and girls. I managed to save some money and purchased a sewing machine. Soon I opened a training center for the poor girls and helped them to become self-reliant. The villagers used to tease me. My husband tried to bully me but I remained unmoved and continued on the mission”, she said.

Why she raised Gulabi gang? “My neighbour Ram Milan used to beat up his wife regularly. I opposed his act and he threatened me of dire consequences. I decided to teach Ram Milan a lesson. I motivated the rural women folks and we beat up Ram Milan. Only after public apology he was allowed to go. The news spread all over the area and plea of women suppressed by their husbands started pouring in. A meeting of the women was held and we decided to constitute gulabi gang to fight for the justice of the women”, Sampat said.