Comedy easy, intense roles challenging: Kangna


She may be known for her intensity and emotive portrayals of conflicted characters in films like Gangster and Fashion, but Kangna Ranaut says that she is essentially a "fun-loving" person and the comedy genre comes quite naturally to her.

Kangna, most recently seen in the comedy Double Dhamaal that released last Friday, seems to be consciously veering towards lighter films. The National Award-winning actress, who started her Bollywood journey with a spate of serious films, has been seen in breezy roles in Tanu Weds Manu, No Problem and now Double Dhamaal.

"I'm a very fun-loving person in real life and comedy comes naturally to me. In fact, I always found intense characters challenging. But as an outsider in the industry you don't have a choice in the roles you are offered. You take what you ge