A comeback for Raveena!


By Hindustan Times

Actor Raveena Tandon Thadani who will be making her comeback in Bollywood with her upcoming film Shobhana 7 Nights, is all excited about the flick. “The movie has been appreciated and has won awards internationally. At present, it’s taking its rounds at film festivals, and hopefully, it should
release around next year,” says Raveena.

Ask her about the changes in the present film industry as compared to that of the Bollywood of the 90’s, and Raveena says, “Today’s Bollywood has become more professional, but in terms of longevity, Bollywood was better back in the 90’s. Nowadays, everything is very fast and the pay is excellent as people today work in one film and earn what we earned in 10 films.”

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  3. Ungli INR 19 cr.
  4. Happy Ending INR 20 cr.
  5. Kill Dil INR 30 cr.

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