Colors' CEO Rajesh Kamat talks about IPL-Colors tie up


By Subhash K. Jha Bollywood Hungama News Network

The Indian Premier League's tie-up with the television channel Colors promises to have much greater repercussions than outwardly visible.

Speaking exclusively to us during the press conference to announce the IPL-Colors tie-up, Colors' CEO Rajesh Kamat revealed plans of an IPL-Colors awards night on April 23 bringing together the biggest names in the cricketing and film world.

Says Kamat, "So far we've seen glamor at awards functions. This is the first time that the glamour from two different entertainment industries cinema and cricket, will be merged."

The idea is to jointly upstage the film awards by hosting an 'IPL Awards Nite' where super-celebrities from the movies and cricketing fields would join together.

When asked to reveal more details, Kamat said, "It's early to discuss details of the awards night. It would be one among several major tie-ups with the IPL that our channel has planned. The first of these collaborations is to bring 14 cricketers from the IPL on our reality show 'Fear Factor'."

The 14 cricketers' names are yet to be short-listed. Adds Kamat, "After doing Bigg Boss, with Mr. Bachchan our channel was wondering how to take the unexpected ahead. The IPL-Colors tie-up is an attempt to break the notion that cricket and television are only compatible for the telecast of matches. We want to use the star status of cricketers on our channel in permutations that are unpredictable."