The clash of music!


By Hindustan Times

NEW DELHI, Dec. 5 -- Two Delhi bands will compete with bands from Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Pune and Mumbai at a one of its kind battle of bands-and the competition is fierce!

The prelims of the World of Rock Metal Electronica Fest, better known as the WORME Fest, took place across six cities in the last month, and two bands from each city have made it to the grand finale. As for Delhi, the two bands that will be representing the city are The Urban Earlymen and Rishi Inc.

High expectations

"The fans have proved that they literally have an insatiable appetite for good live music. We are confident that we will receive a similar passionate reception for the rocking grand finale," says Michael Khanna, one of the organisers of the music extravaganza.

Formed in July this year, all the five members of The Urban Earlymen are excited about performing at the finale of the event. "The crowd was just amazing and pumped up at the prelims. They boosted our confidence," says Siby Mathews, the rhythm guitarist of the band. "The other participating bands from Delhi gave a tough competition at the prelims. We had to play an original composition and we played the song Try, and will be playing the same number again at the finale, along with two new covers of Radiohead," says Mathews of the rock cum punk band.

Competitive beats Both the qualifying bands competed against Middle Finger Theory, Pratigya and U.8. Noise from Delhi. "We have played with them before, but the excitement this time is unbelievable," he adds. The second qualifying band, Rishi Inc, is a folk fusion band. "It was an experiment sort of thing for us. The fest promotes world music and we are proud to present a melange of folk and Indian classical. We do covers, but we would be playing only our originals at the fest. It is going to be more of a surprise for the crowd," says Tarit Pal, the percussionist with the band.

"The fest is a hub where artists in the rock, blues, jazz, fusion, metal and electronica space can interact and share information about what's going on around them, what are the latest happenings in their field, events and trends that are defining their music scene, and who are the ones driving the activities," says Khanna.