Chitrangda Singh, Arjun Rampal struggle to direct attention to their upcoming film


By Hindustan Times

Little did Sudhir Mishra know that around the time his film on sexual harassment at the workplace releases, the subject of gender bias would be so widely discussed in the country. It’s no wonder then that wherever the lead pair, Arjun Rampal and Chitrangda Singh, go to promote the film,
they are bombarded with questions on a similar, relevant issue — the Delhi gang-rape case.

A source close to the film says, “Inkaar is a very topical and relevant film. The Delhi gang-rape case has sparked off a huge debate in society. Everyone is questioning and debating over whether women have the right or freedom to do as they please, and if men can infringe on women’s right or see it as an invitation.”

Adding that the movie too asks similar questions, the source says, “Given the premise of the film, everyone is walking a tight rope in giving opinions. Ironically, both the lead actors are from Delhi and feel strongly about this issue. And whenever there have been outdoor promotions of the movie, a majority of the questions addressed to Arjun and Chitrangda have been regarding the case, leaving them with no option but to talk at length about it over anything else.”

In fact, the team is also flooded with invites to participate in debates revolving around the issue.

When contacted, Sudhir Mishra confirms the news saying, “Inkaar deals with a topic that’s being debated in society in a big way. Where does one draw the line? Since the movie does have a sensitive approach, we’re trying to strike a balance between the two.”