Chitrangada Singh takes to kick-boxing to tone body


By Ht

Most Bollywood stars work round the clock, often shooting for months on end without a break. That is probably why when they get a few days off from shooting, most of them head out for exotic vacations abroad for some much needed rest and relaxation. But Chitrangada Singh is not one to while her
holidays away. The actor, who as of now has no project in hand, is making the most of her free time by learning kick-boxing in an effort to stay fit.

For the lessons, Chitrangada has roped in an expert in Muay Thai, Biki Bora. A source says, "Earlier Chitrangada used to go to a gym. She even tried a regular work-out regimen to keep fit, but when she heard of kick-boxing she was eager to give it a try." Kick-boxing involves many light moves and uses most muscles in the body. It is a high-intensity work-out that incorporates kicking and punching gestures.

Thrilled with the results, Chitrangada says "Kick-boxing is not just fun, but it also helps me strengthen and tone my body, lose extra kilos and get into shape." The actor has been practising her moves for the last four months and has lost a lot of weight, especially on her lower body. And since Bora trains her at home, she doesn't even have to make the trek to a gym in this sweltering city heat.