Children’s films get neglected: Nandita Das


By Hindustan Times

Nandita Das, head of the Children’s Film Society, rues that unlike other countries not enough films here focus on children and blames the economics of the trade for this.

“In India, a lot of so-called family films push out children’s films. Unfortunately, every decision is governed by finances; obviously, they want more eyeballs,” Nandita said. “Even though many of them (family films) are like children’s film, they want to call it family films and insert certain things for the young, certain things for the old and package it as family films — it’s really sad,” she said.

The actor was in the Capital to inaugurate the three-day children’s film festival, organised by Children’s Film Society Oct 20-22 at the Siri Fort Auditorium.

The films that’ll be showcased are Krish, Trish and Baltiboys, Lilki, Chutkan Ki Mahabharat, Karamati Coat, Halo, Sunshine Barry and Disco Worms, Yeh Hai Chhakad Bakad Bumbay Boo and Charandas Chor.

“We’ve selected eight films because it’s a smaller festival and we wanted to give children a variety for three days. As we do regular screenings, we get encouraging feedback from children,” said Nandita.