The Charming Ranbir Kapoor features on the cover of Hello! Magazine this month!


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

It's said that 'You need to kiss a thousand frogs before you find a handsome prince'. Well, this saying may hold water for everyone except for Natasha, Kavita, Niamat, and Dia! We know that these names are all Greek and Latin for you. But when we will tell the 'reality' behind these names, we bet all the girls definitely would like to trade places with them! The 'unraveling' of the 'Miss-steries' goes as this: the above mentioned names belong to none other than the bevy of good-looking models who (we believe did not kiss a thousand frogs), but still managed to be with none other than Bollywood's new-found Prince Ranbir Kapoor! It's all happening in the anniversary April issue of the lifestyle magazine 'Hello!'

The Mag has got the 'Prince' Charming Ranbir being bestowed with the 'Fresh Face Of The Year' title. Not just that, it also has our very own King Khan SRK holding the title of 'Most Sought After Celebrity', the Bachchans as the 'Celebrity Powerhouse', Saif and Kareena as 'Awesome Twosome', Karan Johar as 'Most Invited'. Though not much or exclusive has been written about these 'title holders', one thing is for sure, their photographs does make the issue a collector's item! 'Hello!' After all, how can anyone settle for anything lesser than the Best for the anniversary issue! Worth a watch and watcha' worth!