Chak De's Bindya Naik ready to play in Bollywood


By IndiaFM

Patience pays! A mantra which has always kept this stone faced persona on her toes until Chak De India knocked her doors. “Chak De India changed my life”, says Shilpa Shukla, who is happy to get the attention of those who had once given a blind eye to her performances in Khamosh Pani and Hazaron Khwaishein Aisi. Nevertheless, she definitely, has proved her mettle as an actress.

On being asked about the way the world looks at her, she smiles and says, “It's a beautiful feeling that people from all walks of life relate to the film. Recently, I have been receiving calls from management schools that would imbibe it in their curricular activities and of course calls from women. I think it gives me a new high, being part of a movie which is not like any other film but is a true movement which leaves an imprint on the minds of people.” Wonder, what she had been doing post Hazaron Khwaishein Aisi till Chak De India came her way? She goes back to her Vada Pav days and explains, “I being a theatre artist had signed a two year contract with acting repertory, Mr. Kshitiz in Delhi. So, my returning to films was impossible. I did a good ten plays and traveled to US, Harvard and MIT for Khamosh Pani. Later, Chak De India happened to me within six months after arriving in Mumbai Bombay

Not many know that post Hazaron Khwaishein Aisi and before signing Chak De India, Shilpa had done a cameo role in Frozen directed by Shivaji Chandrabushan. Palak being Chandrabushan's directorial debut has yet not released. However, music video 'Chana Ve Ghar Aaja Ve' directed by him was a huge hit. Frozen highlights the military intrusion in a remote village of Himalaya, in search of a person whom they later discover to be frozen. “Frozen is a beautiful story of Karma and his family whose peaceful life gets disturbed by army intrusion. I play Karma's wife who dies at the age of 23 after giving birth to a daughter,” adds Shilpa.

Shilpa is quite excited about Frozen being sent to film festivals. “I have been through this feeling when Khamosh Pani had got 15 international awards. With Frozen also similar thing is going to happen. In festivals you realize the universality of the film which has been showcased and feel proud to be apart of it.”

With due respect to the character, Bindya Naik in Chak De India, who gained her popularity among audience Shilpa says , “A flood of negative roles have come my way post Chak De India which are more or less on the lines of what I played as Bindya in Chak De... which turns me off.”

Not divulging many details about her newly signed film, Junction which also stars Abhay Deol, Vidya Malpade, and Ranvir Shourey she adds, “I appreciate Atul Sabharwal for believing in me and offering me a role, something which is completely different from my previous roles.”

Shilpa is of the opinion that she does not have the discretion to choose roles. She says “More than me the directors and producers have to get convinced whether I am fit for that role, if they can imagine me doing that. However, comedy is something which I am dying to do. I think it tests an actor.” But there are some things which she is very sure of. “I am not interested in doing the role where I have to change in costumes and put on glamour and glitt. I want to do something which leaves an impact; be it romance, comedy any genre for that matter,” signs off Shilpa.