Celina Jaitley plays a Kleptomaniac Stripper in King Con


By Subhash K. Jha, Bollywood Hungama News Network

Celina has just returned from London from an incomplete schedule of Tigmanshu Dhulia's King Con opposite Govinda. "The weather in London got bad. And we hardly did any work. Chi Chi had Rumi Jaffrey's film and I had to return to complete Hello Darling. So we came back."

She got into the Dhulia project at the eleventh hour. And she couldn't be happier. It is possibly the most fearsomely challenging role in the actress' career. "In King Con I play a stripper who's a kleptomaniac," Celina giggles. "I died laughing when I heard my role. I'm having the time of my life. I got the role just a week before shooting. They weren't sure about how to make the girl look. I play this stripper who's half-English and half-Indian."

Celina's co-star is Govinda. She's all praise for him. "I've worked with so many leading men. He's one of those rare ones who never tries to flirt or make a pass. I don't know why people talk negatively about him. Govinda is a very spiritual person." Now Celina has one more film opposite 'spiritual' Govinda. "We'll start working together on Aditya Datt's film. I know people are talking about me and Govinda. But he's just too nice."

Celina says she's finally able to focus on her career. "Earlier I was too much in love to give enough of myself to my career. But now I've realized work is all that matters. Love will come when it has to."

Celina was also in the news for her supposed spat with Neha Dhupia in Thailand last month. Celina clears the air. "Neha missed her flight and arrived two days late. By then Riya and I were shooting a song in identical school uniforms. The director said the hairstyles should be different. But when Neha joined us she wanted the same ribbons. I suggested different hair accessories to avoid looking identical. Neha got agitated and used unparliamentary language with me." Since this ugly incident happened in Celina's van the actress got upset. "The next thing I knew stories about our spat was being spread in Mumbai." Says Celina, "A spat over ribbons with a co-star is not my scene. I'm also being accused of spreading stories about Riya and Paritosh Painter. I reached Thailand three days late because my passport was stuck with the British embassy. I had to make up for lost time. I had no time for all this in Thailand. My mom and dad were with me in Thailand. We were constantly together. As for Neha and me, we were hardly together. After Thailand I went straight to London. I had no idea about the stories being spread in Mumbai. I guess girls working together always causes trouble. We all have our insecurities to deal with. "

On the brighter side Riya Sen called and apologized to Celina for believing she was spreading such rumours.