Celebs clash on Twitter!


By Hindustan Times

Twitterverse seems to have become the new verbal battleground for celebs.

Sonakshi Sinha vs Pakistani fans

A day prior to the India —Pakistan match in Mohali, Sonakshi Sinha posted a picture on her Twitter account and tweeted De ghumaaaaake! Hehehehahahaha. When her account was flooded with tons of tweets criticising her action, she sent a rejoinder and tweeted, “that wasn’t the intention. Was all done in good humor. And if people don’t understand that...its really not my fault!..”.

Gul Panag vs Chetan Bhagat

In the middle of tweeting the match highlights on Wednesday, author Chetan Bhagat played a fast one on actor Gul Panag, who got married recently. He tweeted, “If Gul Panag had married Umar Gul, would her name become Gul Gul?” Gul tweeted back, “@chetan_bhagat at least you are expected to be more original than that. Such an old and boring joke (sic).”

Ken Ghosh vs Dolly Bindra

“Poonam P has offered to strip if India wins....Dolly B has made same offer if India loses....buck up India buck up!!”, director Ken Ghosh tweeted. When contacted, a not-so-pleased Dolly Bindra said, “Ken clarified that he posted it with no intention to malign my image, but in good humour.” But soon Ken re-tweeted, “ previous tweet about Dolly B was a joke!! Everyone calm down!!”