Celebrity Interview: Neha Dhupia ...


By IndiaFM News


After winning the title of Miss India, she decided to step into

Bollywood. She dared to do films that no other actress could. And now,

she is experimenting with many more different genres and roles. Meet Neha

Dhupia – whose next act will be Suhana in Anand Kumar’s Delhi


So what is Delhi Heights really about?

Well, like they say, it has got the stamp of a “feel good” movie written

all over. The basic plot is just based on relationships and I really enjoy

watching cinema which is based on relationships. So it is probably a great

experience for me to be a part of something like that.

And, what is your role in Delhi Heights?

I play the character of the girl called Suhana. She is stuck in a sort of

trivia where she has to balance her personal and professional life. So the

story is about how she manages to do that eventually, in the film.

Why the title “Delhi Heights”?

Well, Delhi Heights is building complex which is shown in the film and

it talks about urban Delhi and how it has different stories to tell. It talks

about different houses and every house of course has got a different

narration from the other. Ours is the main track where Jimmy Shergill and I

are newly married couple. We work in rival companies, and so we have

professional rivalry which sweeps into our personal lives.

How was it working with Jimmy?

Well Jimmy is fabulous to work with, very relaxed on the sets and

extremely talented. So I got to learn lot from him. He has been around

longer than I have, and it’s been quite an experience working with him.

Why are you not doing the sequel of Kya Kool Hai Hum?

Every film is different from the other. I am not going to be seen in a

part of any sequel because it is almost the same story! Every film is

different – sometimes its romance, sometimes its comedy, sometimes its

really more sensational than the other. But it has always been fun; it’s been

an experience in itself.

How was it working with debutante director Anand Kumar?

It was great working with Anand. He knew what he was doing, he is

from Delhi, he knew exactly what he was writing, he has done a lot of

research on the script and I would say that he at no point made us feel that

he was a first time director.

What are the others films that you are working on?

I’m working on a film called Ek Chalis Ki Last Local where I will be

seen with Abhay Deol. I’m also working on a film called Shoot Out in

Lokhandwala. I’m working on a film called Mithya and I’m also shooting

for film called Kuch Love Kuch Drama.

Finally, why should people go watch Delhi Heights?

Like I said this is a feel good film. I think the audience will be able to

relate with the film. The most important thing is that it has got everything

that one needs to see in the two hours of cinema. It’s got romance, it has

got drama, its got comedy, good music. So, on the whole, it’s a great