Celebrity Interview: Madhuri Dixit ...

By Faridoon Shahryar, IndiaFM

imageQueen of

hearts. The eternal Dhak Dhak girl. Madhuri Dixit continues to rule. She

may have been away from the strobe lights of glamour, but her tantalizing

appeal fails to diminish in the wake of fresh young talent. In fact, today she

is looking fitter and even more radiant than even before. And of course she

is dancing away to glory yet again in her comeback vehicle Aaja


In a rare public appearance yesterday when she inaugurated a painting

exhibition of young Painter Purnendy Mandal, Dixit spoke exclusively to

IndiaFM about an illustrious career that most certainly signifies a very

important era in Hindi films. There was a time when MF Hussain made

paintings out of your Didi Tera Devar Deewana pose, today you are

promoting a new artiste. Has life come full circle? “I think he was more

obsessed with the film than me,” the muse laughed.

She was last seen in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Devdas. But it would be

fair to say that her last big hit was Yash Chopra's Dil To Pagal Hai. Be it

Ek Do Teen from Tezaab, or the college going snooty babe opposite

Aamir Khan in Dil, the heart-stopping Dhak Dhak moments in Beta or the

charm personified family girl asking a lovestruck Salman Khan…Hum

Aapke Hain Kaun. And of course her Pooja act in the poignant triangle tale

in Saajan is as fresh as morning dew. How have things changed from Then

to Now? “I don't believe in comparisons. Technology will always advance.

Jo aaj hai voh kal nahin hoga. I don't look back. The kind of technology,

sets, effects, camera work we had at that time, we still made good films.

Today with the advancement in technology, we can make better movies, so

I think it's wonderful,” Madhuri said.

Your dance moves made millions skip a heart beat. You also happened

to have worked with a cross section of generations of choreographers.

“It's like comparing one actress with another. Everybody approaches in his

or her own way. Whether it is Farah Khan or Saroj Khan, they are all

talented people. They all interpret dance in their own way. They all have the

strengths. I look at the strengths and appreciate it. I worked with Saroj ji

more so we have a connection there. We have given so many hits together.

But that doesn't mean someone else is less good. They are all good.”

Her tryst with Yash Chopra was in Dil To Pagal Hai and she is

working with the Yashraj banner in Aaja Nachle after a decade. Things have

changed. Today they are the biggest factory in Bollywood churning out the

biggest hits with an amazing consistency. “I don't think I'll call them

factory. They make the films from their heart. They work very hard on

every film they make. They try to do the best for the artistes, the

technicians and that is wonderful. It's a wonderful company to work with. I

am really really glad I am working with them. I am having fun working on

this film (Aaja Nachle).” Could you reveal something about the role? “That

you are not going to know. You'll have to come and watch the film,”

Madhuri chuckles.

There was a time when Madhuri Dixit had put on weight. In fact

Akshay Kumar jokingly called her 'moti' (fat) in Dil To Pagal Hai. But

today when you look at her, it's a much trimmer and glowing Madhuri that

gently sashays along making you go…Main shayar…tu meri

shayari….oops….jumbling up the lyrics….Are we! But then that's the kind

of effect she still manages to have. It was obvious to pop up the question

about her fitness regimen and she laughs aloud that famous laughter-of-life

in slow motion. “First of all I keep running after my kids. That in itself can

get you in half your size. And of course there's a regimen that you have to

keep because I am working in a movie. And me and my husband have

decided that we have to be fit so that our kids are also the same.”

Alright, let's get back to movies again. Any film in the recent past that

you've liked a lot? “It would be Bheja Fry. The comedy was very different

from other films. It was not slapstick. It was a different sort of film when

this guy walks in the house and then creates a mess. All the actors have

done a brilliant job and kept the interest of the film going. It was

wonderful.” And amongst the new crop of actors which are the ones that

you find promising? “Vidya Balan and Konkona Sen Sharma. But I

wouldn't say that I am very fair because I haven't seen many films off


Well, that's an honest admission, but if you have to choose any one

performance from your own films, which one will it be? “There are a lot of

films which I look back with a lot of fondness whether they have done well

or not done well. I can't really pinpoint one film. But I think my first film

Abodh is closest, even though it didn't do well but I worked with the best

people I've ever worked with i.e. the Rajshris. They introduced me to the

movies. When Hum Aapke Hain Kaun happened, my joy doubled because

they were the ones who had introduced me to films. And to work with

them again and have such a big success was wonderful for me. In that

sense every film has its own saga behind it,” Madhuri Dixit says getting into

the nostalgic mode.

Your future plans? “I don't know yet,” she says flashing that high

octane smile. We'd say, Aaja Nachle to that one. And maybe lots