Celebrity Interview: Madhur Bhandarkar...

Subhash K. Jha, Indo-Asian News Service

imageMumbai, (IANS) Madhur Bhandarkar intends to launch "Signal", the last film in his proposed trilogy on metro-centric lifestyles, right after he completes shooting "Corporate".

"I've done just a few days of shooting for 'Corporate'. But I feel I've already shot the entire film. It's all worked out on my head. And the cast is so good - that's half the battle won," Bhandarkar told IANS.

"K.K. Menon has shaped into one of our finest actors. And you've to see Bipasha Basu in my film. She will shock and surprise all her critics. Sammir Dattani and Minissha Lamba are also very talented youngsters.

"Minissha showed sparks in her first film 'Yahaan'. But Sammir will surprise audiences completely. I feel a lot of careers will take off in unexpected ways after 'Corporate'."

He has just shot a schedule in Malad on the outskirts of Mumbai where the set within a corporate organisation looks so convincing you wonder which came first, entrepreneurship or movies about entrepreneurs.

Madhur laughs. "There haven't been too many films on the corporate world. I can only remember Shyam Benegal's 'Kalyug', which was amazing. What a cast Shyam babu had! I'd like to think my cast would also make 'Corporate' special... I've got known and unknown faces. It's an eclectic mix."

He then gets excited about "Signal" and says: "It's the third part of my trilogy. 'Page 3' was about the world of party-hoppers. 'Corporate' is about the business world. 'Signal' will take my cinema into the underbelly of Mumbai - those people whom we see at the traffic signals - the newspapers hawkers, the fruit and flower sellers, the beggars and eunuchs. Where do they come from... Where do they go?"

The film will have only new faces in the cast. "It has to be like that, no?" reasons Madhur.

"You can't have known faces playing these anonymous creatures who appear and vanish when we stop our cars at the traffic signals."

The director wants to film this hardcore-reality tale immediately after "Corporate" is complete in early 2006. "I've got to get it out of my system before I move to something else."

He is the second director to attempt a trilogy of films. Deepa Mehta has just completed her elemental trilogy "Fire", "Earth" and "Water".