Celebrity Interview: Katrina Kaif ...

By IndiaFM News Bureau


beautiful Lakme model made a bumpy Bollywood debut with Kaizad

Gustad’s Boom. However, her upcoming comic flick Namastey London

seems to be a promising act. In conversation with IndiaFM, Katrina Kaif

comments on shooting with a heart-warming cast and crew in her very own

hometown – London!

What is the title ‘Namastey London’ trying to say?

It’s a good question. I have not thought about it actually. I think it is

obviously just trying to say in a line, behind the difference in the film

between the two cultures, it is trying to bridge that gap. I think may be

that’s what it is trying to say. Everyone keeps on saying Salaam Namastey

and London Namastey and London Salaam mixing it all, and they have

been getting it confused. So I keep having to say no its Namastey


How was your experience playing a girl from UK and shooting there


I thought it was great. Initially I was a little bit nervous but then I just

thought it’s going to be such a fun character to play. There is so much

freedom in the character and there are no restrictions. The girl, Jasmeet

Singh, was from London so was I. There was also a lot of me that I

thought I will be able to portray and show in this film. So that was a really

nice experience to be able to do that.

Would you go shop or eat with Akshay between shoots?

No. Akshay was always busy, he always doing ten things at one time.

So not really and my sisters are there. Three of my sisters are there in

London. So just after pack up, we would go park ourselves in a restaurant

and eat food and enjoy and we really had fun. Now that I am back in

Mumbai I am missing them. So yes, we had a nice time. Everyday after the

pack up my sisters and I would go to this nice Japanese restaurant and we

would sit and eat and eat!

You did Humko Deewana Kar Gaye with Akshay Kumar. Now you are

doing the second film with him. How do you think the audience will react

this time?

I felt I mean to be fair there were some mixed reviews for Humko

Deewana Kar Gaye. There was a lot of appreciation and there were some

other criticisms. But in this film I really hope that people unanimously like

the characters. This is the film were the characters have a scope to be

liked. I really enjoyed performing in the scenes because I guess I thought I

can relate to certain things of the character and I just hope to that comes


Do you think Namastey London takes any influence from the film

Purab Aur Pachim? Even that film shows the transition of an actor from

UK to India. Have you seen Purab Pachim?

Yes, of course. I think there is about 10% of the soul… may be, you

know content of that film. But it is not based on that film. It’s a

completely, entirely different story. People definitely shouldn’t go

expecting that, otherwise we will be in trouble. The transition from UK to

India is done in a different way which you have to see in the film. My

character is not an English chick who just comes to India and becomes an

Indian housewife, that’s not what the film is about. So you have to see

Namastey London. I mean my favorite portion of the film is when Akshay

and my character meet in Punjab and I like the kind of scenes that went on

at that portion- that’s definitely my favorite part.

Have you been to Punjab earlier?

Yes I have. I have done a lot of shows and during my traveling with

modeling, in a fashion shows I have gone to all interiors of India. I went to

so many places.

How was it working with Akshay this time around?

He is a great actor and a person who I have really seen change and

work so hard over the years. He has unwavering concentration when he

gives a shot, and that also forces your concentration to be on the same

level. He is a very jovial person. He also keeps that light energy going; there

is nothing too heavy or depressing.

And what is your take on the music of the film?

I like the music of film. I think it portrays the spirit of the film very

well. May be someone can say okay but you didn’t pitcturised the songs

like this and you didn’t do that. But it is exactly the feel and the spirit of

film and the music should not take away the concentration of what the

story is about.

Your favorite song in the film…

There was a song which was not picturised in the film called Aanan

Faanan. Musically to listen to it, I really like that song.

Have you seen any of Vipul Shah’s earlier works?

I’ve seen Waqt and funnily enough when I saw Waq I remember

saying to myself and I told Vipul also later when I became friends with him,

that when I saw the promos I was not interested to see the film at all. And

when I saw the film I remember actually being physically shocked at how

much I really liked it! I really liked the film and I found the film so

enjoyable that it came as a big shock to me. You can make judgments on

people and things without knowing the story behind it. So that was really

nice to know since it was Akshay in the film. I liked him the most in Waqt

from any films of his films which I have seen in terms of his role, his

character, and performance. So I guess that also gave me lots of

confidence because I genuinely like the way he dealt with the film and he

also comes from a theatre background which also gives you a little bit of

extra training in terms of the importance of the script. It is not just about

shooting scenes because you are sitting in London in a fancy location.

Okay and we have got today in the newspaper saying that you are

ready to come in new age cinema…

No. Someone asked me “Are you going to do art cinema, or small

films, you know offbeat films?” So I said “What are offbeat films and

small films?” Films are good films or bad films that’s what I said. I think

the person didn’t understand what I said. What is a small film, is it a film

that is not appreciated and not seen? A judgment of a film should not be

the box office report. It should be was it a good film or was it a bad film.

May be people didn’t want to see it that time but it should be judged on its

own merit. I don’t think we should classify the honours of cinema.

On the skirt controversy in the dargah… Wasn’t it distressing? How

did you tackle it?

It was distressing because I realize that people actually felt may be I

was being very insensitive and offending somebody when we had no

intention. It was probably such an innocent mistake. Obviously you feel a

little bad because they were very questioning me, saying things like she was

just being obnoxious or so something. It was a genuine mistake and I think

the committee was gracious enough to accept the apology after that.

How do you look at the experience of doing a film like Boom, as an


I guess everybody starts at different stages and everybody has

different paths in life that they take and I think I have said as much as I can

about that film.

There is lots of speculation about your relationship with Salman Khan.

How do you feel like when the question is constantly raised?

No I don’t think that the question of my relationship with Salman is

too appropriate for today. So I think I’ll skip it for another day.

What are your future projects?

Well, there is Anil Sharma’s film Apne, and then there is a film called

Partner coming and Welcome and a film with Abbas-Mustan. It should be

releasing towards the end of the year hopefully.

Finally what is the USP of Namastey London? Why should we watch


I think that after a long time we have seen a film like this about very

definitive clash between an NRI girl and an Indian boy. And I think it has

been done in a very light hearted, fun way. You should definitely go and

see the film and whatever people would say and if you don’t want to see

the film, you can’t force anyone. But whoever goes to see the film would

definitely feel satisfied that it was enjoyable. It is not a film where you are

going to say “Ok it is too long” or “what they are going on about?” It is

almost like watching an English film in terms of the pace at which it moves.

So I am happy with that.