Celebrity Interview: Kareena Kapoor ...

By Faridoon Shahryar, IndiaFM


golden curly hair shimmered with the characteristic temerity of youth. Light

glistened on the dance floor as her languid gait prepared to unveil the

charismatic steps. Watching Kareena Kapoor attempt a ‘take’ for a one off

song for Lovely Singh’s Kya Love Story Hai starring Tushar Kapoor and

Ayesha Takia was an exercise in patience. And full credit to her for

executing the zingy Pritam number It’s Rocking under the heavy-n-testing

gaze of the media at Filmistan Studio in Mumbai this weekend with an

uncanny ease.

“Lovely is a dear friend. I’ve known him since he was the assistant

director to Satish ji (Kaushik) during Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai. And I really

love Tushar Kapoor. He is a great person,” said Kareena Kapoor sitting

pretty inside her comfy vanity van eager to go for yet another shot at

stardom. Director Lovely Singh admitted that Kareena was doing a favour

and that he was “extremely grateful to her.” According to him, this song

would be placed immediately after the credits in the beginning and hence is

one of the highlights of the film.

Choreographer Bosco sounding upbeat about the song said, “Kareena

is entering a club, there are moments with Brit Security guy, she is dancing

on a huge 25 feet guitar, the limousine is there too. It’s a fun oriented song.

And we’ve made no compromises in making sure it’s rocking.”

Kareena draped in a blue jeans and a tastefully dressed light green top

didn’t seem averse to learning a step-or-two from the miserly dressed

group dancers. Glamour demands a lot of hard work. “It’s a lot of hard

work but a lot of fun too. It requires a lot of energy. Pritam and Salim-

Suleiman have given a really rocking track,” Kareena said. It was time to

pose a few more queries that all you guys have been eager to find an

answer to.

There’s a lot of speculation about whether you are there or not in Zoya

Akhtar’s Kismet Talkies? “I’m doing Kismet Talkies for sure,” was the

straight faced answer waiting for the next question. Alright! Shahid finds

you better in Chameli as compared to Omkara. “It’s a personal choice. I

won a Filmfare critics award for Chameli too. They are both my films.”

You won an award for Omkara over Kajol’s Fanaa. “Omkara has been a

wonderful experience in my career. It’s a masterpiece.”

Your compatibility test with Shahid at Koffee with Karan was ten on

ten. “Even we were shocked. We know each other very well and so we are

comfortable with each other.” When is Lajjo happening? “It should start by

the end of this year.” What does working with Aamir mean to you? “It is

every actress’ dream to work with Aamir Khan.” What are you doing next?

“I am starting Imtiaz Ali’s next with Shahid and there’s a Yashraj film with

Akshay Kumar and Saif.”

It was time to get a bit bold and ask the tougher

questions...Hmmm…Why did you call John expressionless? “No

controversial questions please,” a voice politely said from behind.

Uhm….No probs. You shared screen space with sister Karisma after a

long time at Koffee with Karan. “We are family after all.” It was obvious

that although she was smiling and being nice, she was eager to get

drenched in the camera-gaze again. It was time to pack bags for the day.

Finally, out of all your films, which has been your favourite? “Omkara,”

she said without flinching-or-thinking even for a second.

A day in the life of a glamourous film star like Kareena Kapoor isn’t an

easy one. For, there was a young boy patiently waiting for hours outside

hoping to get an autograph. Then there were a plethora of TV crews who

were making last ditch attempts at getting that worth-tom tomming-about

‘Exclusive’ with the reclusive star. She seems to have found her groove

rather well. For she handled it all with a cool-n-collected-confidence. In

other words, her life’s definitely rocking. Much like the song she grooved

to that day…