Celebrity Interview: Himesh Reshammiya ...


By IndiaFM News Bureau,

Himesh Reshammiya’s music has the ‘it’ factor to reign supreme over

Bollywood charts for weeks together! Each song has the Reshammiya

undertone, and yet is unique in its own sense. The music of Akshay-

Katrina starrer Namastey London proves the same, and how! Himesh

unfurls the secret…

Himesh Reshammiya and Javed Akhtar is a very rare combination,

coming together in Namastey London

Vipulji and I have been trying to work with each other since a long

time. He told me that he wanted to try something new, and I was really very

excited to work with Javed Saab. So I requested him to do the film.

Finally, he agreed, and I am really grateful to him. And it was a very

unusual combination, but Javed Saab has given me his best. I told him that

I just wanted to use his romantic poetry completely, and I orchestrated and

composed it in a very young, feel-good item. I’m very satisfied with what

has been composed and because it will give a personal identification to

everyone in love. Namastey London music will rock the clubs and yet I’d

like to ensure that it is not only hardcore mass album that garners

commercial success but also an album which gets a lot of critical acclaim.

That is something which was difficult, yet God has been very kind and I’ve

been able to achieve it.

The music of Namastey London does not have the Himesh

Reshammiya stamp…

The Himesh Reshammiya stamp is definitely very evident in the album,

but of course it has the great legend Javed Akhtar also. So there are huge

expectations from the album and it satisfies universally. I’m proud of it and

I’m very confident that the album will do well and the first sales order will

be sold out, because I always just go by sales. Because finally, it is not a

one mans point of view. Finally, everything has to reflect into sales and that

is what is happening with Namastey London.

So how was it working with Javed Saab?

He was just fantastic, he is the best. He gave me these beautiful lyrics

and I’ve composed it. He never made me feel that he is a big legend and

I’m just so young. But it has been a very emotional experience. He is great

human being. I’ve learnt a lot. Vipulji has been very great and he is great

director. Things have really happened the way I had thought that and finally

we have 18 tracks - 7 in film, 18 in the CD. 7 songs are the remixes of

these 7 original ones, and the remaining 4 are the Mehfil Mix. So, the album

is modern, it is contemporary, it is young, it is fun, it is rocking and yet it is

very well meaningful.

What’s the Mehfil Mix about?

We have always had remixes of the original songs which we have in

this CD. But Mehfil Mix is this new concept. 4 songs have this new whole

flavor of Mehfil Mix which is never being tried up till now. Like we have

had the Lounge Mix, this is a Mehfil Mix, which has romantic poetries

specially written by Javed Saab. So I think it will give a lot of identification

to everyone in love and it’s a very different experience. I think you have to

see to it and hear it to understand.

Javed Saab has recited these poetries himself. How did you convince


We just requested him that we wanted the lyrics and the feel which he

had given in the film Silsila. This Mehfil Mix which was expected out of

Javed Saab in his own voice with my melodies was a very different

experience and a very different feel to the whole album. So that is

something which I think will excite everyone who really loves good music.

The Mehfil Mix was my idea and I requested Javed Saab to do it and I am

very thankful to him that he did it.

What are your expectations from the album?

Big expectations… that it will do well, critically also. Sales wise, it is

already doing well. So let’s see.

Few songs are out, Chakna Chakna is already hitting up front.

All the clubs.

What other kinds of songs does the album have?

Everything is there Sufi mix, soft romantic track to club tracks, Punjabi

mix, everything… it’s a complete act.

And which are songs you have sung?

I have sung three songs- Yehi Hota Pyaar Hai Kya, Veerani and

Chakna Chakna.

Which is your favorite?

Definitely, Veerani

Tell us a bit about your film Aap Ka Suroor – The Moviee…

This movie is a love story that is going to hit the market on 6th of July.

The promos will be starting soon. For that, I have shot in Germany and

some other countries.

What is the star cast? Can you tell us something about that?

There is a new girl is coming up. It’s a thriller, it’s a fast paced thriller

and the romance angle is definitely inspired from my love story. So it is not

an autobiography, it’s a hardcore commercial film – a very big film

produced by Vijay Taneja. And let’s see how it goes. It is something which

I am looking forward to a lot.