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Labeled as 'serial kisser', the shy guy, Emran Hashmi has come a long

way. From Murder to Gangster, his acting prowess hasn't gone unnoticed

with the audience and today he is the most unconventional sought actor for

our commercial Bollywood cinema. Blame it on the song power or the lady

killer's smile, this year Emraan is the man to watch out for. With his two

upcoming releases Good Boy and Bad Boy and the coveted 'Awaarapan'

Emraan Hashmi for sure has hopped on to The Train to success. We at

IndiaFM spoke to him about his upcoming films and life after


How has marriage changed you?

So far it's going good. It takes a bit of time to adjust from being a

bachelor to getting married. So it's going through the ropes and I am

getting used to it.

The promos for The Train are quite exciting

It was fabulous working in the film. This is my second film with

Hasnain and Raksha. The song in the promos is something that has really

got into my head. I am listening to it ever since I shot it. So the song is

constantly playing in my car and in my house. I think it's a great melody

and I think Mithoon is a very talented music director.

Mithoon was also a part of your superhit song Woh Lamhe?

In the orchestration of the song. Yes he managed that.

Music of your film always works. Luck seems to be in your


Well I don't know. As you said I am very lucky with the music. Time

and again I had the good fortune of working with people who are very

talented, like Mithoon, Himesh, Pritam, all of them. They have been very

talented people, young and vibrant. wanting to give audience a fresh taste

of new melody and voices. We have again experimented with Mithoon's

voice in Train.

Dil Diya Hai didn't do well even though your performance was


We can't really help the film at the box-office. Once you are done with

the making of the film and given everything you have, then it's the audience

who decide its fate.

Dil Diya Hai is the film from which we expected a lot. But there was a

risk factor that the main protagonist goes ahead and sells the girl at the

interval point. It was something that was debatable. It was something that

we felt was new but at the same time very risky.

It was a risk because the audiences didn't digest that. Mainly because

the deeming character the hero in the film sells the heroine putting it in a

very blunt words at the interval point of the film. Even though he goes and

save the girl the fact that he sells the girl cannot be wiped out. So that was

something very scary and didn't pay-off in the film.

Killer was something that we were very shocked about because we

were very confident about the character of this film. It was the story that

was very fast paced with great dialogues, great moments and great

chemistry between the villain and the hero. So it was something we were

very confident about. The distributors too were very confident about the

film. It took off with an average start but we were expecting a better


Even reviews for The Killer praised your acting

I wasn't in town to read the reviews so I wouldn't know much about

that. But yes the critics have their view points and their personal opinions

about the film that has to be taken into consideration. People read reviews

and decide whether they want to see the film or not.

In spite of good acting, you are still expected to kiss on screen for

your films to do well

I don't think that is actually the mantra of success of the film. I have

kissed in films which bombed very badly at the box-office like Jawaani

Diwani. That is completely incidental. Its something like I said some things

work and some things don't. May be it was bad time of release.

How different is the journey on The Train

Train is about a simple guy who belongs to a middle class home. He

works for an advertising agency. The story starts from the point where his

marriage is on the verge of breakup. He has a daughter. It's an incidental

chance meeting that happens on the train when commutes to work every

morning in Bangkok from his house to work. That one incident suddenly

changes his life around and things starts getting worse after that one

meeting. And that's the point where he loses his family, his wife, his kids

and his job.

This time you get to romance two beautiful girls Geeta Basra and new

find Sayali Bhagat

They are both very beautiful girls. They have done a great job in this

film, they play very different characters. They are very vibrant and look

very nice in the film. They both have brought freshness to the film.

They have performed exceptionally well in spite of being newcomers.

Everyone learns from each other. I have picked up things from them,

especially their way of spontaneity in front of camera. They have done a

very good job in the film.

Why is the film titled after a train?

Like I said it's a film where you get into this man's daily life, his work,

his pressures of work and his family. There is one thing that is routine in

his life and that is getting on to the train every morning going to work and

then coming back to his family.

How that is the routine, the ritual of his life, his work life and how that

is also a certain turning point, where that particular geography of the train

suddenly becomes the whole thing where his life goes around. So the main

key turning points are around the train.

How was Bangkok as a location?

We have shot in Bangkok before. Hasnain and Raksha dug out some

new locations in the film that we have shot at. We shot around some

stations, in trains. Couples of the scenes were shot on the road. So we

have given the whole feel of Bangkok.

Good Boy Bad Boy is totally different as compared with The Train?

It's a very exciting film and nice script. Principal Avasthi played by

Paresh Rawal divides the college to get discipline into bad section and

good section. And we happen to have similar names. What happens is that

there is a comedy of errors where I go into Tushar's good class with

studious students and he come into my class. But I am very happy because

I like one girl there and he is stuck in the class with bad guys and bad


So how I train him to be bad and how he trains me to be studious is

what the film is all about.

How much of a good boy is Tusshar Kapoor?

Very good. He is very talented and spontaneous. He has great comic

timing, so to match up to that it was a difficult task as I was doing comedy

for the first time. But we managed to get the chemistry right between the

characters. So it was great.

Anurag Basu says that he wanted to cast you in Sharman's role in

Well I would love to work with Anurag again. But it was very unfortunate

that I was working for many films at that time. He wanted me to shoot for

Metro and it was very hard to get the dates. I tried my level best but its

something I lost out. I would have loved to be part of the film.

What are your forthcoming films?

Good Boy Bad Boy, Train, Awarapan. There are two other exciting

films lined up which are under scripting at the moment. So these are the

three films.

Which all directors would you like to work with?

There is a lot of fresh talent out their. I would love to work with

anyone who gets me great scripts and character.