Celebrity Interview: Arjun Rampal ...


By Subhash K. Jha, Indo-Asian News Service

Mumbai, March 22 (IANS) Actor-producer Arjun Rampal is picking up

his roles with utmost care and says it's a conscious decision because he

doesn't want to jump into any and every film that's offered to him.

"I really don't want to do work that will eventually disappoint me. I

don't want to be in shabby products. I want to work with people who have

the same respect for their work that I have. So, yes, it's a conscious

decision not to jump into any and every work that's offered to me," Arjun

told IANS.

Arjun says there's no dearth of work.

"Everyone goes through phases. Right now the phase I'm in, I need

exciting and challenge work. It's very important to believe in yourself and

be patient. I'm very clear about what I want to do. I won't do anything and

everything I'm offered."

The actor has just turned down two roles and has been focusing fully

on production. He opted out of "Shootout At Lokhandwala".

"See, I had to opt out of 'Shootout...' as I had no choice. I share a

great rapport with director Apoorva Lakhia after 'Ek Ajnabee'. But I was

shooting for my own film in London. There were dates issues... I couldn't

get Shiamak Davar to choreograph on time. So the dates for 'Shootout...'

clashed with his film.

"He wanted a particular look, which wasn't possible because of my

film. I had long hair for my own film, which I had to cut for Apoorva's

film. It was sad because I really wanted to work with him after 'Ek

Ajnabee'. I guess what's not meant to be won't happen."

As for Anubhav Sinha's "Cash", "I injured my knee in the gym. And

'Cash' involved a lot of action. I'm still recovering and I'm not allowed to

do any action for a month at least."

Then why did he accept the minuscule role in Karan Johar's Kabhi

Alvida Naa Kehna (KANK)?

"Karan is a very dear friend of mine. He very honestly told me my role

didn't amount to much. Since he asked me to do it, I immediately agreed.

That's the kind of person I am. I like Karan and respect his work.

"Above all he's a wonderful human being. He just told me, come for a

holiday to New York and be part of our film. I didn't even ask him about

my role. Anyone who asked me about KANK I told them it's a walk-on

part. I'm glad I did it."

He is enjoying his new role as a producer.

"I enjoy producing a film. I appreciate what the industry had given me.

I'm grateful to the industry, and I want to give back some of what I got

from it by making films."

Is the lack of opportunities the reason why Arjun has turned


"Not at all. I think it's extremely important for every actor to make

films at some point in their career as soon as they know what it takes to

make a film. Because production teaches you the process of


Arjun doesn't believe the myth that models can't act.

"When I came into the industry with Ashok Mehta's 'Moksha' and

Rajiv Rai's 'Pyar Ishq Mohabbat', there was a lot of cynicism regarding

models... That they're wooden, that they seem to be modelling all the time.

But I think a lot has changed since then. We've had successful model-

turned-actors like John and Vidya Balan."

Arjun has been so busy he has had no time to spend with his wife and

two children.

"But after I completed my production 'I See You' I took 20 days off

to be with my family. There's no role I enjoy as much as being a husband

and father."