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imageTell us

about your character Shiven in Salaam-E-Ishq?

As the caption of the story suggests, there are 6 love stories in

Salaam-E-Ishq. In all the love stories there is one problem related to

love. The problem in my love story is the character himself. Shiven is

commitment phobic. He is engaged and suddenly starts getting a phobia

of commitment for the rest of his life. At a story level, this sounds

quite routine and also a bit clichéd because it seems like you have

seen this before. But what sets it apart is the characterization of

Shiven, a character that you have never seen before on screen

especially in Hindi cinema. The story of Shiven has been written,

conceived and shot in a very unique manner. Shiven is the character

I've had the most fun playing in my entire career.

Which is your favourite "jodi" in the Salaam-E-Ishq?

I think Anil (Kapoor) and Juhi (Chawla) make my favourite jodi in

the movie. Although all the tracks are fabulously written, Anil and

Juhi's track is the most realistic one because it has been written very

maturely. Even Govinda and Shannon are fantastic, so are Salman Khan

and Priyanka Chopra, and myself and Ayesha. But if I had to pick one

couple, it would be Anil and Juhi.

Give us your comments on the music of Salaam-E-Ishq.

I think Salaam-E-Ishq has the best music I have heard in the last 10

years. The album is outstanding. It is definitely Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy's

best work till today. They have always done good work, be it Kal Ho Na

Ho or Dil Chahta Hai but this is their best work and also my favourite

album. It has very unique sounds, and Sameer's lyrics are also

fabulous. It is not the type which will become obsolete after a point

of time. You will want to pull out its CD even after fifteen years and

listen to the music.

What are your expectations from the film?

I have very high expectations from the film. Every once in a while

you see a movie that you like, and say that it is good. Then there are

films which make you say "Waah! This is what a great film should really

be like". Salaam-E-Ishq is like the latter.

How much do you personally believe in "ishq"?

I totally believe in "ishq". Love is what makes the world go round!

This is your 2nd film with Ayesha Takia after Shaadi Se Pehle. How

is she this time around?

I think very highly of Ayesha (Takia) as an actress. I feel she is

very good. She is very new to the industry but she brings a tremendous

maturity to her performance, which is commendable. She is a very

spontaneous actress, definitely not the one who thinks a lot before

each shot. Nine out of ten times it works for her. Especially in

Salaam-E-Ishq, her performance is very mature, subtle and understated.

But she has played the character just the way it should have been. As a

person Ayesha is a sweet and nice little girl, always smiling. I am

very comfortable working with her.

Tell us about your experiences working with Abbas-Mustan.

Abbas-Mustan are like family to me. We have great chemistry as

director-actor. At the end of the day, filmmaking is a very

personalized kind of business. It's a very people to people business,

so it is very important to make friends and like the people you work

with. Abbas-Mustan are more than just friends to me. We share a

wonderful relationship because we understand each other very well. We

are very comfortable working with each other. They know my strong

points as well as weak points, thus they are able to direct me very


Which projects are you doing with Abbas-Mustan?

I have done two films with them and I am going to be doing two more.

One will release in May-June next year and the other will release

towards the end of 2007. The first one which we have just finished

shooting is called Nakaab. It also stars Bobby Deol and a newcomer

Urvashi Sharma. Both of these films are thrillers, both having very

good scripts and I am very excited about them.

Which is your personal favourite genre of movies?

I don't have a favourite genre of movies but I wish Bollywood would

make more adventure movies. I am a big fan of spy films like Borne

Identity and the James Bond series. I would love to do such films.

What films will we see you doing in the future?

I have no idea what the future holds for me. But next year, I have

got a great variety of films which are going to be released. Another

movie I am doing is Mahatma Versus Gandhi which is an emotional drama

between Mahatma Gandhi and his eldest son Harilal. So I have got a lot

of different and exciting movies coming up in 2007.

Can you tell us something about Anees Bazmee's Autograph?

No, it is not happening.

There was a buzz that you were doing a film with your father Mr.

Vinod Khanna and your brother in the future.

No, that is not true.


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