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imageThree films old and the youngest from the Deol clan has carved a

niche for himself. Post the success of Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd,

Abhay Deol seems to be excited as well as nervous about his next film Ek

Chalis ki Last Local. Here's an exclusive IndiaFM interview with the


Your performance in Ahista Ahista was very good. Were you

disappointed that the film didn't do well?

Well, the fact is that it was a very sweet and very honest film.

Unfortunately, it didn't do as well as I expected it to. But it's a film very

close to my heart. I loved doing that film and I think it's a great.

Weren't you apprehensive that Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd. could

have been a risky career move considering it was a multi-starrer?

I think it was a right move. In fact I think I didn't expect the amount of

footage in the film. I didn't think people would like my role as much as they

did. I didn't expect them to say, “Wow it was very well performed”. So

I'm very happy they did say that and I'm really happy that the film did do

well because I thought it was a very great script.

What was your response when you heard the title Ek Chalis Ki Last


Everybody's response was very positive to the title. Everyone was like

Ek Chalis Ki Last Local -ye kya hain? You know immediately people get

interested just because of the name and from the name it sounds like a

thriller. Its essential a dark comedy. It has an element of thrill. The idea

triggered me and I wanted to know what this film is about.

The film apparently is based on one night.

Yes, it's a one night story. It's basically a guy who misses his last train

at 1.40 and the next one is at 4.10 in the morning but he can't wait on the

platform. So he tries to get a cab or an auto and unfortunately there is a

strike. So he can't get that either. He meets a girl and they both decide to

cut the night together and then what happens essentially following that.

Who he meets through the course of this two and half hours, what

situations he gets into and why and how he ends up with lots of money at

the end of it is the film.

There are as many music directors in the film as the number of tracks
It's nice to know that there are so many artists who have contributed to the

album. You have Call - The Band, which has sung a very brilliant track.

Then you have Sandesh Sandilya, D J Aqueel, Ankur Tiwari, and Anushka.

I think the essence of the music is very centric to the film. It's very much in

the background of the movie. Koi lip-sync song nahi hai as such in the film

but music is constantly there in the background.

And Sandesh Sandilya's Ekka Chauka comes in a sequence because

that sequence required a peppy number.

And then there is Laree Choote which is a promotional track.

Lot of people talk about your kiss in the film.



Well it works in the script, the kiss. When you watch the film you

know you will see why I say that. It's not just been placed there for

marketing purposes. Its actually there because it makes the moment happen

in a very positive way.

And so I knew that it had to be done and while doing it, it's always a

little uncomfortable but I was comfortable with Neha. We are friends and

that was good. But the fact that you have so many people looking at you

and the director is saying come on come on light ja rahi hain, jaldi karo jaldi

karo light nahi hai makes you uncomfortable. So it's never a comfortable

position to be in but we did it because we had to and overall it worked out


Do you travel by train?

Yes, for the millionth time I have traveled by train. Sab log puchte hai

mujhe yeh question.

Does the Deol surname shoulder responsibility on you?

It carries some responsibility especially in the beginning when I first

came in. People expected me to be in a certain way, to live up to a certain

standard and so it kind of work for me and against me at the same


Today I can definitely say it worked for me simply because I have

taken a stand of my own. I have done my own saying. Initially the people

who said, “oh he had it easy because he is from the film family so of

course he will get work” are now saying “well he is from film family but he

is doing his own thing and that's nice to see”. So I think the name worked

in my favor over time.

Sunny and Bobby have been associated with action. What about you?

Do you like it?

I love to do action simply because I love seeing action films but then I

only do action film if it has a good budget to it. I don't think I do a very

small budgeted action film. Action is not hard to do. To begin with, it has

so much do with special effects. You know half of your work is done by

special effects and other half is of course your dedication to doing the

stunts and how far you are willing to push yourself. I love pushing myself,

I love adventure. So I love doing actions film but when the budget is right.

Else I am happy doing my thrillers and comedies.

What are your future films like?

After Ek Chalis Ki Last Local, I have Manorama Six Feet Under, and

Meridian that I have completed. I should be starting another one in July. So

that news will be reaching soon.

What do you think is the USP of Ek Chalis Ki Last Local?

It's an out and out entertainer. It's a dark comedy and it's really well

written. I mean its one of the funniest scripts I have read. I think its one of

the funniest dark comedy to come out of this industry. It's well shot, it's

been well cut. It doesn't deal with any political issues and it doesn't preach.

It's just meant for you to unwind and have a good laugh and that is its