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Zeenat Aman's son turns director!

Zeenat Aman


New Delhi, Dec. 10 -- While many Bollywood star kids choose to make their debut with their famous parents, veteran actor Zeenat Aman's son Azaan Khan has chosen a different route.

The young director has started shooting his debut film, and is constantly seeking his mother's advice, but Azaan says she won't be seen in the movie.

"She won't be a part of my film, not even in a cameo appearance," says Azaan, whose film is about a bank heist. "I want my mother to rest now. She has worked a lot for so many years, and has emerged as a star in this industry. I feel that she should relax a bit. In fact, I want her to see me working hard now and make good films." When asked if Aman will give up on her acting career, he says, "That I can't answer. One cannot plan that."

However, the newcomer feels that even though Aman is not acting in his film, she is an active part of the project. He says, "She has been extremely supportive and helps me whenever I get stuck on any creative decision while making the film. She has been a great guide and has been contributing to my film."

When asked about the film's release plans, given that it is difficult to get a big release if a film does not feature major stars, Azaan says, "I have been receiving support from the industry. In fact, I will shoot at Subhash Ghai sir's institute from where I pursued my film-making education. We plan to release the film next year."