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Zarine Khan: 'I am not a look a like'

Zarine Khan

New Delhi, Feb. 26 -- Bollywood actor Zareen Khan was often called Katrina Kaif 's lookalike when she made her Bollywood debut with the Salman Khan-starrer Veer, in 2010. The 26-year-old actor feels the "unfair comparison" affected her career prospects.    

"Even before my film was released, people started saying that the Veer heroine looks like so and so. And, the audience is such that they live with what they are fed. People didn't even give me a chance. I guess the whole comparison with Katrina Kaif affected my career. Katrina is a beautiful person and probably, if I weren't in the same field as her, I'd be flattered by all the comparisons," she says.

Zareen further adds, "I was a newcomer and even before the film actually released, people started criticising me for my weight and acting skills! But they didn't realise I was asked to put on weight for the film."    

Interestingly, her looks are now compared to actor Elli Avram's. "This is so unfair. Why do people compare me to Elli... shouldn't she be compared to Katrina?" she laughs.

Since both Katrina and Elli have foreign roots, people consider Zareen a foreigner too. "When people hear me speak Hindi, they get surprised. I tell them I am an Indian. In fact, I have been working in Tamil and Punjabi films, too. I might do a Kannada film as well," says Zareen, who will soon be seen in the film, Amar Must Die, alongside Rajeev Khandelwal.