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Zareen's back from an American holiday..

Zarine Khan


New Delhi, Sept. 2 -- Bollywood actor Zareen Khan is just back from a short holiday abroad. A source close to the actor says, "She was invited for an Independence Day celebration in the US, where Indians living there had gathered to celebrate the day."

Although the function got over in two days, she stayed on for two more weeks to catch up with her friends and enjoy a little break, we are told. "Zareen had been shooting for two films and she didn't want to let the opportunity to rejuvenate herself go. So, she decided to stay on and relax. Then there were friends who she hadn't met in years. So, she caught up with them and had a blast," says the source.

When contacted, the Veer actor laughed and told us that she had a "delightful time in the States".

She said, "You know, since I was there, I thought why not stay on and enjoy a bit of a break. And that little time extended to about a week."

The 27-year-old also met her friends and everyone went shopping and raiding the city. "Since I hadn't met a few of my close friends who stay in America for so long, I called them up and we went checking out New York. We went shopping, savoured delicacies and, of course, had our girl talks. Now, I feel this was a much-needed break. I feel absolutely rejuvenated."