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Yo Yo Honey Singh: Look who is back!

Yo Yo Honey Singh


Mumbai, Jan. 20 -- Rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh sent gossip mills abuzz after he went missing from work and public appearances about three months ago.

His sudden disappearance raised eyebrows, while some suggested that he was on the run because the Nagpur police had booked him in a case of indecency, speculation was also rife that he had gone into depression after Shah Rukh Khan slapped him in public.

However, we have found out that Yo Yo is set to get back to work. "He was unwell, but he is fine now. He will be back to work by the end of this month," says his spokesperson. Talking about the illness, he adds, "He was working round the clock, without rest. He was stressed and fatigued."

Asked if it's true that Singh isn't living in his house, we are told, "He stays with his parents, I think in Noida. Earlier, when the doctors had asked him to take rest, he had continued to work. So this time, his parents asked him to stay with them."

A source close to Singh also dismisses the rehab rumours. "He was at the top of his game. Why would he resort to drugs?" he asks.