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Yo Yo Honey Singh: 'I'm still the same Honey Singh!'

Yo Yo Honey Singh


Mumbai, July 10 -- Over the last two years, Yo Yo Honey Singh's name has become synonymous with Bollywood hit numbers. But the rapper, presently in Los Angeles, USA, tells us (over email) that fame hasn't changed him. And that he is planning to surprise his fans with a song he's composing for Salman Khan in his next, Kick.    

Everyone wants to work with you. Has fame changed you?    I'm glad that Bollywood, and my fans, have supported me and given me so much love. It feels great that the industry is happy to work with me. Why will it change me? I'm still the same aapka apna (yours truly) Yo Yo Honey Singh.    

Among the stars you've composed for, tell us the fondest memory you have of anyone.    I can't choose one. They've all been special, but since 'Lungi dance' (Chennai Express, 2013) was my first Bollywood song, and I featured in the video with SRK, I'll pick that. The experience of working on songs with Akshay paaji and also Mr Bachchan are among my favourite memories. Working with a legend like him [Bachchan] was great.    

How has the experience of working with Salman Khan been?    It has been amazing. I respect him a lot, and wanted to give him a special song, which I am glad that he liked. It's a full-fledged song, not just a rap.    

It seems the makers were willing to wait for you for a few months to compose this song.    I love and respect Salman bhai and Sajid bhai (Nadiadwala, director), and we all are thrilled to be working together. This song will be a surprise for all my fans, and I can say this will be something they've never heard before. It feels so great that Sajid bhai believed in my vision of an experimental dance and romantic duet song, and waited for it for two-three months because I was travelling a lot, and I wanted to come out with something special.