Yo Yo Honey Singh
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Yo Yo is going through a depression!

Yo Yo Honey Singh

By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

First, rumours were on about SRK having slapped the rapper. Then the wife, Shalini, came forward and told us all that he’s ill. Well, it actually turns out that Yo Yo is actually depressed and has hit an all-new low in his self-confidence!

The much-loved singer has only enjoyed a rapidly growing fan base across the country. But now he has reached a point where the pressure to release another hit album has become so immense that he cannot take it anymore. On top of that, he has promised his fans to win a Grammy. Now, now! You got to take it easy, man!

Well, there is definitely some empty space in the music industry since the last few months. Like something’s missing?

Take care and come back to grab some limelight, Yo Yo!