Yo Yo Honey Singh
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Little fan impresses Honey Singh!


New Delhi, July 21 -- Singer Neha Kakkar's seven-year-old nephew Raghav is apparently a huge fan of rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh.

Recently, Neha fulfilled Raghav's wish of meeting Singh at a Mumbai gig, where she was performing with the rapper.

Dressed to impress his idol, Raghav turned up sporting a cap and a funky tee, and was apparently awestruck seeing Singh. "At first my nephew was a little awestruck but soon he started to rap one of his songs ... Honey Singh was completely surprised by this, and impressed with his attire and body language. He told Raghav that his name should be Rags," says the doting aunt, adding, "Raghav was on cloud nine ... completely thrilled. While leaving Honey requested Raghav to rap once again, and it made his day!"

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