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5 songs that failed so hard in 2014, they actually won..

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For every beautiful song that Bollywood produced in 2014, there was a string of puerile lyrics that pushed our patience to put up with the raunchy. If Ek Villain's 'Galliyan' in Ek Villain or a 'Muskurane ki Wajah' in Citylights, we also had abominations such as 'Pussy Cat' and 'Sunny Sunny' that pushed us back to those not-so-glorious dark years of Bollywood music.

Here are 5 more 'gems' that force us to think of the unthinkable: Are we back to the days of ‘Atariya Pe Lotan Kabootar Re’ and ‘Kammo Kidhar’?

1. Lovely (Happy New Year)

“Main lovely ho gayiaan
Naam tera padh ke, naam tera padh ke”

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Did they actually intend to keep 'lovely’ as the functioning adjective here or could it be that the lyricist lost his book of synonyms?

The only saving grace is that the song doesn’t 'look' senseless on the screen: When you have a beauty like Deepika Padukone swerving her belly to the music. But then, we wouldn't have complained one bit if they hit the mute button and only showed Deepika. The video will make you want to buy the song right away. But make no mistake: The song still doesn't make any sense at all!

2. Dance Basanti (Ungli)

Lets take this one step at time:

‘Ni gori tera jhumka
bada kinky kinky type da’

Wait, you mean there are kinky earrings on sale somewhere? What, like cufflinks shapes or ones with chains and leather?

‘Ni gori tera thumka
bada funky funky type da’

Ok, so we can agree on one thing... shakes can be funky. Why not, eh?

‘Kateeli teri ankhiyaan
Jaise nouk nukeeli knife da’

Umm, watch out for those deadly eyes guys! They'll cut you.

‘Ni gori tera nakhra
Bada hanky-panky type da’


Think about it: Are we still using that word? Like after kindergarten?

3. Aunty Police Bulalegi (Boss)

‘Sunlo saari duniya waalo
Jitna bhi tum zor laga lo’

*Sabse aage hoge Hindustani!* No? No.

‘Karenge party saari night
Gaa** mein dum hai toh
Band karwa lo’

If you don't go by the offensive words here, it's fair to say that the song made an instant connect with all those who, at some point in life, had to deal with a party pooper uncle or aunty- ‘Aunty police bulalegi, par party yuhi chalegi’!

4. G Phaad Ke (Happy Ending)

Again, let's ignore the words. The song is horrible but the crowd goes gaga over the ‘g phaad ke’ part every time. And if you are a Shinchan fan, the song will remind you of his pet song: ‘Jab bhook satae toh sab nacho nacho nacho.’ Amirite?

5. Sunny Sunny (Yaariyan)

'Aaj blue hai paani
Paani pani paani paani paani'

Like the water had any other option?

'Aajaao on the beach yaar
Photo meri kheench, phooti kismat hogi teri
Gar tune ye baat na maani'

The feel of this song is so excited, like a particular someone hopped on a Goa Sampark Kranti and just cant wait to be on the beach with his homies for the first time. He wants to click pics so bad that he is ready to curse them with 'phooti kismat' if they dont oblige. That's one mean friend right there.

But who gives a rat's ass when the music is so good?