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Yami wants it her way!

Yami Gautam


New Delhi, April 10 -- Many Bollywood belles depend on a number of people to run basic errands for them. However, actor Yami Gautam does it differently.

"Yami doesn't need an entourage to help her with basic chores such as paying bills, grocery stocking and overlooking other household activities as she does them on her own," says a source close to the actor.

The reason she prefers doing it all by herself is because she doesn't like depending on others too much.

"She is very independent and is good at multitasking. So, she prefers running the house and her everyday life herself, rather than waiting for someone to do it," adds the source.

But the Vicky Donor actor says there is someone who does help her. "Well, I may be managing all by myself in Mumbai, but my parents support me immensely. Although they are in Chandigarh, they are always just a call away," says Yami, adding that she has learnt a lot from her parents.