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Yami Gautam's Ladakhi connect!

Yami Gautam


New Delhi, June 19 -- When it comes to making her character as authentic as possible, actor Yami Gautam sure knows her way around.

The 26-year-old, who's busy shooting in Ladakh for her next film, decided to 'go local' to get her look right by asking local women from Ladakh to do her hair and makeup, rather than employing professional stylists.

"Yami has a very different look in this film, she is playing a local girl from Ladakh. When the makers were deciding her look for the shoot, Yami suggested they take help from the local people there. She and the makers were thrilled with the results," says a source close to the actor.

Talking about her look in the film, Yami says, "It is a different look. Some local girls were very sweet to help with it," she says.

Meanwhile, Yami has also decided to stay away from wigs for the shoot of another film. The actor sports short hair in a part of the film and decided to cut her hair, so that it looks authentic.

"There was a portion where Yami needed to have a different look. She felt that rather than donning a wig and making her appearance artificial, she should keep the look real. So she decided to cut her hair," adds the source. "She has been getting a lot of compliments for her new hair style."