Vivek Oberoi
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Vivek, the unwitting saviour!

Vivek Oberoi


Mumbai, Feb. 18 -- Vivek Oberoi per chance happened to play the Good Samaritan while he was on vacation in the US. The actor has been on a break with his wife, Priyanka, and son, Veer, since the first week of February.

While hanging out with his friends in Tampa, Florida, Vivek apparently foiled a theft attempt in one of the lanes in the area.

A friend of Vivek from his college days told us, "A few days ago, around five of us were taking a stroll in the St Petersburg's area post dinner. Suddenly, we heard some alarming sounds in one of the lanes." Curious, the actor insisted that all of them enter the lane and find out what's going on.

"As we entered, we saw someone was trying to mug a couple at knifepoint. On spotting a big group coming his way, the thief ran away, leaving the couple," added the friend, on the condition of anonymity.

When contacted, Vivek, confirmed the news, and said, "I think it's every person's responsibility to help others in any way possible. Coincidently, I happened to be at the spot when the couple was being mugged, and I had a group of people with me."