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Vivek Oberoi: We have big plans for the future!

Vivek Oberoi


Mumbai, Oct. 21 -- Last month, Vivek Oberoi was roped in by the Maharashtra government to promote its Jan Dhan Van Dhan initiative.

As part of the project, shops are being set up in Maharashtra to sell handicrafts, bio-fuel and other products made exclusively from material available in forests.

Now, the actor is taking the same initiative online. A source says, "Vivek has started a website for consumers to directly purchase these products online.

This will also help the artisans make a profit since there will be no middle parties to add to the making costs. He wanted to start this website to help promote products made in villages."

Vivek says, "We have already visited a few villages, and have big plans for the future. I wanted to establish something that would go a long way in helping them (artisans) earn a living with better profit margins."