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Vivek Oberoi takes the vintage route!

Vivek Oberoi


New Delhi, Feb. 23 -- Actor Vivek Oberoi has decided to redo his personal vanity van and has opted for a vintage theme for its interiors.

The 28-year-old is currently vacationing in the US with his family, and a source close to him informs us that Vivek has already started picking up artefacts and furniture from famous places in the US for his van.

The actor apparently got inspired by a similar-themed van he saw recently. "Last week, Vivek was at a charity show and the event sponsors gave him a vanity van which was beautifully decked up in vintage style. He was so impressed by the interiors that he's redoing his own van now," adds the source.

When contacted, Vivek confirmed the plan, saying, "Yes, I've long wanted to do up my van. Now that time permits, I'm picking pieces I love and I'll be doing the interiors in vintage style."