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Vivek Oberoi rejects American show

Vivek Oberoi


Mumbai, Sept. 20 -- Bollywood actors signing international projects have always made headlines. In fact, they often express how collaborating with global projects can bring them more recognition.

But it seems that Vivek Oberoi was not as fortunate. Although the actor was approached by the makers of the American show, Homeland, he could not be part of the popular series due to date issues.

Vivek was approached two months ago. "The makers of the television show had come to India in July to meet Vivek. Over a meeting, they briefed him about the new season's concept and his role. He was expected to do a lot of action. Although, Vivek was interested, he requested them to wait for his nod till he checks his date diary," informs a source close to the actor.

He eventually refused the offer owing to his packed schedule. "Vivek had to dedicate two months for the shoot. But, he had already given his dates to two of his upcoming Bollywood projects. So he told the makers that he can't be part of the show," adds the source. When contacted, Vivek confirms the news, saying, "Yes, the makers of Homeland did approach me. However, I had to turn the offer down as my dates were already locked."