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Vivek Oberoi: Moustache woes!

Vivek Oberoi


New Delhi, Dec. 25 -- Actors go to great lengths to maintain their looks in their films. Some lose or gain weight, others experiment with prosthetics, and then there's the facial hair transformation, with leading men sporting moustaches or beards, too.

Similarly, actor Vivek Oberoi has grown a moustache for his role as a cop in his next film, produced by filmmaker Aditya Chopra's banner. But his fuzz had landed him in a fix before the makers bailed him out.

Turns out, Vivek was busy shooting for his portions of the film when a brand that he endorses told him that they needed to shoot an ad with him before December 28. And the requirement was that they needed him to be clean-shaven in the commercial.

When Vivek approached his film's makers, they agreed to advance his schedule and finish shooting his bits so that he could be free to shoot the ad later. "I'm trying to wrap the last schedule as soon as possible before I shoot for the commercial... it's been pretty hectic to balance all my professional commitments, while not letting them affect each other," says Vivek.