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Vivek Oberoi: Mission Kashmir..

Vivek Oberoi


Mumbai, Nov. 19 -- On November 17, Vivek Oberoi was in Srinagar. Though he was supposed to be shooting in Mumbai, the actor had requested the makers of his next to give him the day off. He then flew to the city to initiate a programme to revamp a hospital and a school that had been damaged by the September floods.

"I was there with the plan to reconstruct and expand both the structures. We will build more classrooms and provide more medical facilities. My group, One Foundation, has raised funds, but we need more. I will ask other NGOs, individuals and my celebrity friends to contribute as well," says Vivek.

During his day-long visit, the actor also distributed products used in the valley on a daily basis. "There were a few hundred families present. We distributed kangdis (earthen pots that provide heat), mattresses, pillows, blankets, cooking oil and other products used on a daily basis."

The actor also wants to let the people of Kashmir know that the rest of India is with them. "This initiative says that not just Kashmir, even the Kashmiris belong to us. The members of my NGO are from different parts of India, and we are all contributing towards their betterment."