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Vivek Oberoi: With a little help!

Vivek Oberoi


Mumbai, July 14 -- Since 2009, Vivek Oberoi has been supporting Project Devi, an initiative that deals with taking care of young girls in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh.

The initiative provides them with a dignified upbringing and medical care. These girls belong to families that have an income of less than $1 (approximately '63) a day. Not only has he been creating awareness about this project, but he has also raised funds for it through various mediums.

The actor has now taken another step to improve the lives of these girls. A source close to him reveals that, starting this year, he will be funding the overseas education of six girls from the NGO every year.

The source reveals, "Since Vivek has studied in the US (he did his masters from New York University), he wants the girls to go there for their higher studies. The selection will be a democratic process. Six girls, who perform well in their studies and related activities, will be chosen to go abroad." Currently, Vivek is in Gujarat for the shoot of the third instalment of Masti (2004).

Apparently, he is scheduled to leave for the US next week to tie up with a few colleges there with regards to this initiative.

"Vivek has asked two of his friends to start the process, and get the paperwork ready, so that he just has to go and seal the deal," adds the source.

When contacted, Vivek confirmed the news, saying, "Every child deserves the right to education, and I hope to help a few reach their potential with some programmes in the US."