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Vivek Oberoi: 'I had to slow down'

Vivek Oberoi


Mumbai, July 31 -- Vivek Oberoi has had a successful run at the box-office last year with two of his films doing well - an adult comedy and a superhero film. And now, he has signed a film with Aditya Chopra after a gap of 12 years.

The actor is naturally elated about the work coming his way. However, he asserts that he wants to take it easy, and wants to be by his one-year-old son Vivaan Veer Oberoi's side as he's growing up. We chat with him and get to know more about his family life and career choices.    

Will we see you doing more comedy films now?    I'm happy doing comedy; the kind I'll be working on next is what I enjoy doing. In fact, that will see Riteish (Deshmukh) and me working together again, and we share a fantastic relationship. It's always fun to work with a friend.    

You seem to be taking things slow, career-wise. Why is that?    I worked really hard last year. I did films and television, and I was very tired. I realised that my son was growing up really fast and that I was missing out on his milestone years. I had to slow down, as I wanted to spend time at home. I got a lot of offers in that period, but I didn't want to take up everything. I wanted to take up only those parts that suited me and my standards as an actor. I wanted to be wise with my choices.    

How is it being a father?    It's amazing. It's really entertaining, engulfing and satisfying. You're enveloped in this little world. It's also tough at times. Sometimes when I'm about to leave for work and my son calls out to me, my heart breaks and I really don't want to leave. And I'm a very punctual person, so I am stuck. But it's phenomenal how life changes after a child. Even if he has a little fever, I feel so vulnerable seeing him in that state. Fatherhood changes you as a person.    

Is it difficult to manage work and home, now that you're a father?    It's not difficult. You need to learn to prioritise your family above everything else. There will always be work. But I am a very family-oriented person and, thankfully, I have a very adjusting and understanding wife (Priyanka Alva Oberoi). I start missing them and my home [when I'm at work]. So I ensure that I get quality time with them. I've realised that spending time with your family is the most refreshing thing to do. It's the best way to unwind and relax.