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Family holiday for Vivek Oberoi..

Vivek Oberoi


Mumbai, Feb. 11 -- Having wrapped up the schedule of his next, Vivek Oberoi has now decided to take some time off for a family holiday. The Bollywood actor, his wife, Priyanka, and son, Vivaan Veer, are currently vacationing in the USA.

"The last couple of months have been really busy for Vivek as he had several professional commitments lined up. So, the moment he finished his shoot (by mid-January), he scheduled this trip. He had been trying to make this trip happen for a while," says an insider.

Vivek wanted to make sure this vacation took place in February because Priyanka is expecting their second child in April, and he didn't want to take a chance travelling in the last two months of her pregnancy. "They plan to go around the US for the next 20 days," says a source, adding, "Vivek knows that once they have their second child, their lives will get even busier. He wanted to make sure Priyanka had a good and relaxed time before she became a mother again."

Confirming the news, Vivek says, "I am currently in the US, enjoying some quality time with Priyanka and my son Veer. Before I get into the next schedule of my film, I wanted to take my family for a much-needed vacation."